Universal Design Daily: 365 Ways to Teach, Support, & Challenge All Learners – Dr. Paula Kluth



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Are you…

Tired of your same old assessments?
Seeking lesson formats that will challenge your students?
Looking for apps or websites to make learning more accessible?
In need of ideas that will help you collaborate more creatively?
Interested in “hacks” you can use to make planning for all more efficient and effective?
Wishing you knew a bit more about creating universally-designed lessons and units?
If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you have chosen the right book to skim; read; re-read; highlight; mark up with pencils, markers, and sticky notes; and share with colleagues!

This user-friendly guide was created to help educators learn more about universal design by exploring the practices associated with it. The book features dozens of ideas for providing multiple methods of engagement (e.g., creating personalized learning plans, using collaborative activities, engaging in community building), multiple methods of action and expression (e.g., providing assessment choices, encouraging dialogue, introducing assistive technology), and multiple methods of representation (e.g., teaching with powerful visuals, trying new presentation software, using more than one mode of output during a lecture).

Universal Design Daily also provides several suggestions to help teachers and teams “set up” for universally-designed curriculum, instruction, and learning environments. One section is dedicated to preparing the classroom and one is focused on learning about the process of universal design.

This book is designed to support any educator who may not have the time to spend hours on the web, attend a series of work¬shops, or read a multi-chapter book cover-to-cover in order to plan effective and appropriately challenging lessons for the students in his or her diverse classroom. With 365 ideas to explore, you can focus on just one idea per day, flip through the pages at your own pace, or read the entire book in one sitting. You can use the book as a tool for weekly inspiration or you can keep it on your desktop as a lesson-planning reference tool. No matter how you read it or use it, Universal Design Daily is sure to provide you with important universal-design know-how and a wide range of creative and inspiring ideas for your diverse K-12 school or classroom.

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