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Supporting the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

Equipping Educators

The team at Illume Learning have more than 25 years of combined experience providing professional development for schools and organisations across Australia. We equip educators with the knowledge, strategies and resources they need to ensure their students with disabilities reach their potential.

We know that educators are seeking practical information that they can take into their classroom the very next day. Our training has an excellent reputation for being practical, engaging, and relevant, while always evidence-based and with a firm foundation in the values of inclusion. 

Engaging Illume Learning to provide professional development for your school or organisation allows you the flexibility to provide training for your team at a time that’s convenient to you. It’s also a cost-effective way of supporting your whole team to learn together. 

Professional development can be provided both virtually or in-person, and can be held for durations from an hour to a full day.

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Topics Include

  • Supporting Students with Disability in Inclusive Schools
  • Understanding Intellectual Disability: Characteristics and Strategies for Support
  • Making Sense of Sensory Processing
  • Transition Times Don’t Have to Be Tricky
  • Re-Thinking the Role of Teaching Assistants in Inclusive Schools
  • Universal Design for Learning: Enhancing Learning for All
  • Understanding and Supporting Student Behaviour
  • Adapting Mathematics Instruction for Learners with Intellectual Disability
  • Effective Literacy Instruction for Learners with Intellectual Disability (Reading or Writing Focus)
  • Social Development & Your Role as an Adult Supporter

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