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Supporting the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities

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How We Help

Illume Learning provides dynamic training, engaging resources and customised consultancy services to both educators and parents. The team at Illume Learning are passionate about ensuring that students with diverse learning needs reach their potential and welcome the opportunity to work together to ensure this becomes a reality.

What We Offer

Illume Learning holds inspiring and motivating workshops on a range of topics throughout Australia.


The consultancy services provided by Illume Learning allow for individualised student support. Consultancy can be provided in-school, via phone or via Skype and are designed to address the unique needs of your student.

Professional Development

Illume Learning provides customised, relevant and engaging professional development. Our sessions are presented by leaders in the fields of disability and education in Australia and will inspire, motivate and educate participants.

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Illume Learning sources and develops engaging, relevant and interactive resources designed to meet the needs of students with diverse learning needs.