From Behaving to Belonging: The Inclusive Art of Supporting Students Who Challenge Us – Julie Causton & Kate McLeod



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Challenging behavior is one of the most significant issues educators face. Though it may seem radical to use words like love, compassion, and heart when we talk about behavior and discipline, the compassionate and heartfelt words, actions, and strategies teachers employ in the classroom directly shape who students are–and who they will become. But how can teaching from the heart translate into effective supports and practices for students who exhibit challenging behavior?

In From Behaving to Belonging, Julie Causton and Kate MacLeod detail how teachers can shift from a behavior management mindset (that punishes students for bad behavior or rewards students for good or compliant behavior) to an approach that supports all students–even the most challenging ones–with kindness, creativity, acceptance, and love.

Causton and MacLeod’s approach

* Focuses on students’ strengths, gifts, and talents.
* Ignites students’ creativity and sense of self-worth.
* Ensures that students’ social, emotional, and academic needs are met.
* Prompts teachers to rethink challenging behavior and how they support their students.
* Helps teachers identify barriers to student success in the cultural, social, and environmental landscape.
* Inspires teachers to reconnect with their core values and beliefs about students and teaching.

We need to transform our classrooms into places of love. To that end, this book represents a paradigm shift from a punitive mindset to a strengths-based, loving approach and encourages the radical act of creating more inclusive and caring schools.

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